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Go for the RV Gold Program Introduction

Posted by RV Education 101

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The Go for the RV Gold program is a self-paced online RV training program offering over 45 one-on-one RV training videos, 50 feature articles, 60 RV tips and much more. Click on the video player to watch the Go for the RV Gold program introduction video.

Membership Payment Options:

Go For The RV Gold Program in 3 monthly recurring payments of $49.95 each:

Go For The RV Gold Program 1 time payment of $149.85:

After you join the Go for the RV Gold program the first 4 weekly courses (RV Bronze Module) are delivered directly to this private membership site, so you can start learning in the comfort of your own home or RV. There are three tiers to the program, the RV Bronze module, RV Silver module and the RV Gold module. Each training module consists of four weekly online RV training courses. Members start in the RV Bronze training module for 4 weeks, advance to the RV Silver module (30 days later) for 4 weeks and finish in the RV Gold module (30 days later) for the last 4 weeks of training. 

The membership fee is only $49.95 per month for 3 months. Billing is on a 30 recurring basis until the final payment is made. This equates to only $12.49 for each in-depth weekly RV training course. When you select the recurring payment option you receive a new RV training module each month. You can’t beat this low pricing for one-on-one RV education training in the comfort of your own home or RV. There is no driving to get to the training location, no packed classrooms and no time restraints.

Note: There is a second payment option available where you can pay the full $149.85 program price in one payment. If you select this payment option you will receive all 3 RV modules (12 weekly courses) at one time after payment and registration.

The program is loaded with one-on-one RV training videos, feature articles, RV tips, crossword puzzles, member discounts for RV services and RV products, quizzes, and much more. This is the only online RV training program that will teach you everything you need to know about your RV at such a reasonable cost, and totally at your leisure with no deadlines.

At the end of the program there is a 25 question final exam. If you pass the final exam (you need a 72% or higher score) you will receive your “Go for the RV Gold” training certificate that you that you can proudly display in your home or RV. P.S. If you don’t pass the final exam, you will be given an opportunity to take it again until you do pass, so you can receive your Go for the RV Gold certificate.

So what are you waiting for? Join the program today and Go for the RV Gold tomorrow!

The 12 weekly RV training courses are as follows:

RV Bronze week 1: RV Water Systems
RV Bronze week 2: RV wastewater Systems
RV Bronze week 3: RV LP Gas System
RV Bronze week 4: RV Electrical Systems

RV Silver week 1: RV Exterior Care
RV Silver week 2: RV Tires
RV Silver week 3: RV Batteries
RV Silver week 4: RV Safety

RV Gold week 1: Winterizing & Storing your RV
RV Gold week 2: RV Accessories & Aftermarket Products
RV Gold week 3: Towable RV’s (trailer towing, hitchwork, tow tips etc.)
RV Gold week 4: Motorized RV’s (towing, driving, chassis, generator etc)

Mark & Dawn Polk

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