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Prior to contacting the Go for the RV Gold staff with questions concerning the program please review our FAQ’s to see if your question(s) are addressed here.

Go for the RV Gold Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I join the Go for the RV Gold online training program?
A: If you go to www.goforthervgold.com there is a “buy now” link that you can click on to join.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Go for the RV Gold program?
A: You pay the one time program fee of $89.85. This is a self-paced RV training program so you can complete the training courses in one week or one month.

Q: How is the program training material delivered?
A: You will receive all 12 of the program training courses (3 monthly modules) at one time. This is a self-paced RV training program so you can complete the training courses in three weeks, three months or take as long as you need, it is all up to you and your schedule.

Q: If I become a Go for the RV Gold member what will I learn about my RV?
A: The program is designed to start with the basics and get more advanced as you progress through the training. Here is an idea of what is included in each of the RV training modules.

The 12 weekly RV training courses are as follows:

RV Bronze week 1: RV Water Systems
RV Bronze week 2: RV Wastewater Systems
RV Bronze week 3: RV LP Gas System
RV Bronze week 4: RV Electrical Systems

RV Silver week 1: RV Exterior Care & Maintenance
RV Silver week 2: RV Tires
RV Silver week 3: RV Batteries
RV Silver week 4: RV Safety

RV Gold week 1: Winterizing & Storing your RV
RV Gold week 2: RV Accessories & Aftermarket Products
RV Gold week 3: Towable RV’s (trailer towing, hitchwork, tow tips etc.)
RV Gold week 4: Motorized RV’s (towing, driving, chassis, generator etc)

Q: What type of training can I expect in the weekly course material?
A: Each weekly course includes one-on-one RV training videos, feature articles, RV tips, crossword puzzles, membership discounts for RV services and RV products, a course quiz and much more.

Q: How do I access my training courses once I become a Go for the RV Gold member?
A: When you purchase the program you will be asked to register. During the registration process you need to include a username and password. To access the course training material just go to www.goforthervgold.com and type in your username and password located on the right sidebar.

Q: How long do I have access to the Go For The RV Gold program once I buy it?
A: You have access to the program indefinitely.

Q: Am I required to take any tests?
A: There is a quiz at the end of each weekly training course. The quizzes are designed to help prepare you for the final exam. At the end of the course there is a 25 question final exam that you will need to score a 72% or higher on to graduate from the program. If you pass the final exam you will receive a certificate of completion.

Q: Can I get any RV insurance discounts if I successfully complete the Go for the RV Gold program?
A: If a member has their RV insurance with National Interstate Insurance Company and they complete the program successfully they are entitled to a 5% discount on their RV insurance. Keep in mind though that you cannot stack discounts. For example if you are a member of a RV association or club offering a 5% insurance discount and you successfully complete the Go for the RV Gold program the insurance company will most likely give you one 5% discount. Please contact your RV insurance agent for more information on insurance discounts and how they work.

Q: Will I be able to download the videos and other material in the Go for the RV Gold program?
A: No, the videos included in this program are referred to as streamed videos. What this means is you must have an Internet connection for the training material, like the video content, to be viewed.

Q: Will I be able to complete this program with a dial up Internet connection.
A: No. There are over 40 streamed videos in the Go for the RV Gold program, some of which exceed 15 minutes in length. You will need a broadband or high speed Internet connection to view these large video files properly.

Q: Can the Go for the RV Gold training material be shared with other individuals?
A: No. There is one exception, you may share with an individual living within the same household. When you join as a member you are agreeing to the Go for the RV Gold terms and conditions which specify that sharing content with a non-member is a copyright violation. Please read the terms and conditions page for more information concerning the program.

Q: Can I log in and work on the program on more than one computer?
A: The Go for the RV Gold program allows you to access the training material on two different computers. For example, you would be able to work on the program on your PC and on your laptop, but if you attempted to access it on a third computer it would be blocked.

Q: What if I already purchased and viewed the RV Education 101 DVD box sets?
: The Go for the RV Gold program compliments our RV Education 101 DVD library and offers a great deal of new content as well.

Travel Trailer DVDs
Type A DVDs
Type C DVDs
Pop-Up DVDs

If your question was not addressed in the FAQ section please email dawn (at) rveducation101.com


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