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“Go for the RV Gold” Online RV Training Program

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“Hi Mark – My wife and I bought our first travel trailer last fall. I want to let you know that your Go for the RV Gold program is excellent. It is produced with the same high quality as your other RV Education 101 books and videos (that I have). It provides a thorough discussion of the major RV systems and other topics that are important to those like myself who are new to RVing. The videos, articles, and other materials are clear and very informative. I am impressed with the quality of the program. It is definitely worth the money.” ~Mike Evanchik, Springfield, VA

-Thanks for your educational series: “Greetings! We should have emailed this sooner – we know that we gained about 4 years of experience with your Go for the Gold lessons.  We have spent 17 nights out so far this year and feel that the knowledge gained through your course has made our camping experiences great!  (We bought our TT last October – our first!) We highly recommend your course to anyone that doesn’t have years of time to gain the know-how that you shared with us in a few short weeks. Thanks again!” ~Andy & Sue Conrad

The Go for the RV Gold program is a self-paced online RV training program offering over 45 one-on-one RV training videos, 50 feature articles, 60 RV tips and much more. Click on the video player to watch the Go for the RV Gold program introduction video.

Membership Payment:

Go For The RV Gold Program 1 time payment of $89.85:

After you join the Go for the RV Gold program the first 4 weekly courses (RV Bronze Module) are delivered directly to this private membership site, so you can start learning in the comfort of your own home or RV. There are three tiers to the program, the RV Bronze module, RV Silver module and the RV Gold module.


The program is loaded with one-on-one RV training videos, feature articles, RV tips, crossword puzzles, member discounts for RV services and RV products, quizzes, and much more. This is the only online RV training program that will teach you everything you need to know about your RV at such a reasonable cost, and totally at your leisure with no deadlines.

At the end of the program there is a 25 question final exam. If you pass the final exam (you need a 72% or higher score) you will receive your “Go for the RV Gold” training certificate that you that you can proudly display in your home or RV. P.S. If you don’t pass the final exam, you will be given an opportunity to take it again until you do pass, so you can receive your Go for the RV Gold certificate.

National Interstate Insurance company offers a 5% safe driver discount when you successfully complete the “Go for the RV Gold” program. Just present your “Go for the RV Gold” certificate of completion to an authorized National Interstate Insurance agent.

So what are you waiting for? Join the program today and Go for the RV Gold tomorrow!

The 12 weekly RV training courses are as follows:

RV Bronze week 1: RV Water Systems
RV Bronze week 2: RV wastewater Systems
RV Bronze week 3: RV LP Gas System
RV Bronze week 4: RV Electrical Systems

RV Silver week 1: RV Exterior Care
RV Silver week 2: RV Tires
RV Silver week 3: RV Batteries
RV Silver week 4: RV Safety

RV Gold week 1: Winterizing & Storing your RV
RV Gold week 2: RV Accessories & Aftermarket Products
RV Gold week 3: Towable RV’s (trailer towing, hitchwork, tow tips etc.)
RV Gold week 4: Motorized RV’s (towing, driving, chassis, generator etc)

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“This online RV Training program compliments our current line of RV Education 101 DVDs and e-books”

Mark & Dawn Polk

Q: Can the Go for the RV Gold training material be shared with other individuals?
A: No. There is one exception, you may share with an individual living within the same household. When you join as a member you are agreeing to the Go for the RV Gold terms and conditions which specify that sharing content with a non-member is a copyright violation. Please read the terms and conditions page for more information concerning the program.

Membership Payment:

Go For The RV Gold Program 1 time payment of $89.85:

“Go for the RV Gold” customer feedback:

“I go on tour for about 6 months out of the year and we usually use an RV as our tour bus. When I started searching for educational materials for RV owners to help me better understand everything I should know, every search led me to the RV Education 101 folks. When I’m not touring, I’m still on the road, operating my shopping site, Buynana(dot)com, from my mobile office. The Go For the RV Gold package is perfect for me because the less I have to carry around with me, the better. I have data coverage over 98% of the United States so if anything ever happened on the road, I could just pull off, log on, and figure it out! After signing up, Dawn contacted me to welcome me and say thanks. At 33, I only vaguely remember when this type of service was the norm, and it’s refreshing to find that some people still greet their customers personally. I’m glad that when I searched for “RV Training Videos” in Google, RV Education 101 made up 4 out of the first 6 listings. What I suspected then is what I clearly now know – Dawn and Mark do a fantastic job and this is, by far, the best RV Education product on the market, and one that’s certainly needed. Thanks for everything, I’m looking forward to getting my Gold RV Certification!”

Sincerely, Brian Hogan